Trends in corporate training

Ongoing training is the key to remaining competitive and successful in a constantly changing working environment. Continuing training enables...

10 skilled trades recruiting in 2024

Far from digitalization and automation redefining the professional landscape, manual trades remain an essential pillar of the economy. While they not...

Fiction – Chronicle of a student in 2032

October 2032. 7am: As he has every Tuesday since the start of the school year, Brice gets up to go to the CFA. Since September, he’s had a whole new...

How do I choose my training tool?

As a training organization, you’ve probably already considered using virtual reality. (If not, it’s not too late!).

Pedagogy & Education

Career guidance goes digital !

Discover careers using virtual reality. Find out how virtual reality is revolutionising careers guidance

Pedagogy & Education

What is virtual reality training?

Virtual reality (VR) training refers to the digital simulation of realistic scenarios for training purposes.


Meet the teacher 2.0

Bertrand Duarte gives us his vision of the digitisation of learning, and more specifically of Virtual Construct, to which he is a contributor.